"Sometimes the flowers arrange themselves."

—Robert California

Freelance Photographer

Hello! My name is Heather...

I am an exuberant redhead. I love the smell of coffee and I also love to drink it.

I am married and have been so for 161 years if calculated in dog years. My husband is sweet, patient and Spock-like.

I have a most excellent daughter named Olive, who has a magnificent heart and reads, and reads, and reads. I have a dog and a cat and they are my other children.

I like to make lists. My husband also likes to make lists and is better at getting them done.

I love meeting new people, everyone has a story to tell and a life lived.

Someday I will get to New Zealand, Brazil, and Greenland, I’m sure of it.

I have always wanted to be a photographer and can’t imagine not being one. I have a good sense of humor and can have a better one if needed.

I am not scared of snakes, in fact, I have a great respect and admiration for them.



I feel that they should be left to their own devices as should hippopotamuses and alpacas.

I have always wanted to hike the entire Appalachian Trail.

I spend my “other money” on photography equipment and if I’m honest, beautiful yarn, from which I make people things they don’t want or didn’t know they did —it’s a toss up.

I also make weird sweaters for myself and wear them around the house.

I’ve never been accused of being boring or disingenuous, however I do behave myself when needed.

I love music. And cheese, dark chocolate and olives.

Feeding people is a joy and kindness to all humans is a must.

I have a BFA in photography and am pretty much almost exactly positive this is what I’m supposed to be doing in life.

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