Maggie & Nate's Most Excellent Wedding: Range End Golf Club, Dillsburg PA

A moment during the ceremony…

A moment during the ceremony…

First, I have to say thank you to these wonderful people! They were, in fact, wonderful, their families were wonderful and their friends were wonderful! EVERYBODY was the best! I also feel fairly certain that I’ve been adopted at this point, so GOOD NEWS!

Second, it was a great day! Beautiful weather, excellent venue, good food, good music, some seriously delicious pies, and lots and lots of love! Thank you again for being so fun and kind :)

May you live a long and lively life together! Cheers!

Hannah & DJ's Awesome Wedding at The Lodges Of Gettysburg, PA

The Lodges Of Gettysburg: Wedding Photography

The Lodges Of Gettysburg: Wedding Photography

This was an AMAZING wedding! Seriously! I had so much fun getting to know these two wonderful people before the wedding and hope I will know them long after! It may have been hot that day (100+) but everyone had a great time! We had a surprise “first look” that the groom was most certainly not expecting, a beautiful bride, a hawk delivering the rings, and a hella good time at the reception with the most excellent DJ, Titus.

Bri & Matt: Mercersburg Inn, Mercersburg, PA


It was a beautiful day in May when these two lovely folks got married at the historic Mercersburg Inn. It was a small intimate affair with an energy and emotion that I find hard to describe. So many little moments throughout the day that touched my heart and reaffirmed my reason for photographing weddings. Both Bri and Matt were utterly kind, fun, and patient the entire day and it was a joy to have been there, present at such a wonderful event. Many happy days to come and a life full of blessings to you both!

Natalia and Shawn's Most Excellent Day: Whitetail Golf Resort, Mercersburg, PA


Surrounded by family and friends from near and far, perfect weather, and one of the best playlists ever, these two awesome folks tied the knot! Thank you for being so much fun to photograph!

PS. know I've found some of my people when the bride rides up to the ceremony site in a golf cart as the Imperial March plays :)

AnneMarie and John: Wedding Day at The Stone Mill 1792, Glenville, PA


A beautiful, beautiful day for these two lovely people at The Stone Mill 1792! Lots of sunshine, a few clouds and lots and lots of love :)  Thanks to the new Mr. and Mrs. for being so wonderful and fun to photograph, their friends and family for being so welcoming and kind, and to Pam and Joe, the owners of the Mill, who were awesome to work with!

Ashley & Elliot: Wedding at Allenberry Resort, Boiling Springs, PA


Yesterday was a beautiful day and even more so that I got to spend it with these two lovely people. Oddly, it's not the first wedding where I got to hang out with them. A few years back I had the honor of photographing some other most excellent humans, Caitlynn and Bryon's super fun wedding, where I took the photo below.


I remember very specifically when I saw this picture as I was editing and my heart did that little thump-thump that it does when I see a photo I love. Little did I know that it was the first of many.

Time moves so fast anymore and I think of this often as I watch my daughter grow. One day she was so small, sleeping in my arms and then the next, she's telling me about the solar system and how she'll most likely not be an astronaut because she wants to train dogs and horses and surely you can't do that outer space.

Yesterday I felt some of those familiar feelings as I documented Ashley and Elliot's wedding day, and although there were no horses, we had one cute dog and two slippery trout. It seems as if little to no time has passed since I took that first photo and of course, I didn't know then I would get the privilege of photographing their wedding, but I am most surely glad I did.

Here's a little sneak peek of the day...



Good People, Good Food: L.E.A.F. Carlisle, PA

Keswick Creamery

Keswick Creamery

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love food. Not just the eating part mind you, but also the growing and cooking and particularly the community of folks dedicated to raising good food for the family table. Growing up, my parents had a very large garden and we canned and froze vegetables for the winter. We all helped, the four of us, and extended family as well, in the form of my two aunts. It was a small community effort and even though I didn't know it then, it taught me a lot. There is an inherent pleasure in cooking for people, as well as giving away all those too many tomatoes and zucchini in the summer months. There is joy now in asking my daughter to go out and pick me some basil or thyme from our little backyard garden or when she comes in with a fresh carrot to eat, which she does as soon as they are ready. And so, it is not a very far stretch for me to be enamored with those who dedicate all their time and effort into the growing or making good food, and particularly when it touches those young folks who wouldn't necessarily get the chance to do just that. And here is where L.E.A.F. steps in.

L.E.A.F. is the brain and heart child of Heidi and Shane, two of the most loveliest people you will ever want to meet and instead of me trying awkwardly to explain the beauty of what they created, I will instead quote the mission statement right from their homepage.

"Connecting youth to the food they eat, the land on which it grows, and to each other. Cultivating young leaders through the meaningful work of building a healthy local food system. Inspiring youth to create personal and social change."

L.E.A.F. is a singular unique program that I hope someday, will be the model for those like it across our beautiful country. Please visit their site to learn about the awesome people and work that they do.

In the galleries below are the amazing local farmers and food artisans that work with L.E.A.F. and each other!


Ben Wenk: Three Springs Fruit Farm of Adams County, PA

Keswick Creamery, Newburg, PA

Talking Breads, Perry County, PA

Piney Mountain Orchard

North Mountain Pastures

Ross and Michelle: Trattoria Piatto



Kalee & Ethan's Wedding: Love, Marriage, Star Wars, and Horse Masks, Carlisle, PA

I have to say that this was one fun wedding. I knew when I first met with Kalee and Ethan that they were super sweet, smart, and had a great sense of humor, but little did I know HOW much fun they would be on their wedding day.! The wedding day was a gorgeous fall day and following a really lovely ceremony, we headed out for some photos at Pine Grove State Park. I could attempt to describe the hilarity that followed, but I'll let you see for yourself!

Much love and thanks for being so awesome to photograph, Kalee and Ethan! May The Force Be With You!!