Maggie & Nate's Most Excellent Wedding: Range End Golf Club, Dillsburg PA

A moment during the ceremony…

A moment during the ceremony…

First, I have to say thank you to these wonderful people! They were, in fact, wonderful, their families were wonderful and their friends were wonderful! EVERYBODY was the best! I also feel fairly certain that I’ve been adopted at this point, so GOOD NEWS!

Second, it was a great day! Beautiful weather, excellent venue, good food, good music, some seriously delicious pies, and lots and lots of love! Thank you again for being so fun and kind :)

May you live a long and lively life together! Cheers!

Talia & Jeremy's Beautiful Fall Wedding at Kings Gap State Park, Carlisle PA


I’ll admit, I have probably never laughed so hard during a wedding ceremony than I did at this one, but I wasn’t alone. There were a few times that we all had to take a deep breath so these to lovely folks could get to the kissing part at the end of the ceremony. It was perfect.

The humor and love between theses two was obvious and as a photographer, there is nothing better to photograph than folks who have a great time at their own wedding. It was gorgeous day up at Kings Gap State Park and the weather was kind enough to hold off the mighty winds and rain until the night was almost over.

I also wanted to give props to the bride who is a talented artist and writer. Since this wedding, I have worked with her on a personal project and she is the best. Her work and professionalism is top of the line. You should hire her.