Flashback To The 80's!

The Blurry 80's

The Blurry 80's


There are two reasons for this non-wedding related blog this morning. The first was an offhanded comment I made to my daughter last week, which was “before we had cell phones.” To which she looked at me confused, disbelieving such an absurdity. “Before cell phones?” She asked. Yes, Virginia, BEFORE cell phones, before the interwebs, and before the almighty Netflix. Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from the station of Luddite, but the fact is, I grew up before the current technology took hold and for good and bad, it’s here to stay. And I can also sympathize with her. She was born into the age of technology: laptops, iPhones, the internet, and it will always be normal for her, whereas the statement, “the guy with the Flock of Seagulls haircut” is where my awkward youth is grounded.


The second reason was a happenstance run-in with my friend Jon. We were both doing our respective jobs one day when he saw me and pulled over to say hi. During our brief conversation I mentioned to him that I had just found a picture I took of us two years ago and he asked me to send it to him.

The background here is that we see each other once a year at this certain event we both work at, and later that week when I dug up the photo to email to him, the thought occurred to me that I’ve been taking “selfies” for a very long time, longer than the term “selfie” has existed, and more so, longer than cell phones have existed and so I dug out some photo albums to have a look see. 

Now, as some of you know, I will sometimes grab an unsuspecting guest at a wedding and more likely, the bride and groom and take a photo of us before the night is through. I will also do this at other events with people I work with or perhaps another poor soul who looks like they can stand to have their photo taken with me. And so…I thought it both right and fair that seeing as how I have an unbiased photographic love of the people I take pictures of, that I should also offer up a few of my own, of me, that will most definitely date me, as well as make a few of you laugh. Granted, I can’t post all the photos I’ve taken like this over the years because it would just be too many, but here are a few from back in the day and also a couple current ones for your general amusement.

Happy Friday!!