Bri & Matt: Mercersburg Inn, Mercersburg, PA


It was a beautiful day in May when these two lovely folks got married at the historic Mercersburg Inn. It was a small intimate affair with an energy and emotion that I find hard to describe. So many little moments throughout the day that touched my heart and reaffirmed my reason for photographing weddings. Both Bri and Matt were utterly kind, fun, and patient the entire day and it was a joy to have been there, present at such a wonderful event. Many happy days to come and a life full of blessings to you both!

Talia & Jeremy's Beautiful Fall Wedding at Kings Gap State Park, Carlisle PA


I’ll admit, I have probably never laughed so hard during a wedding ceremony than I did at this one, but I wasn’t alone. There were a few times that we all had to take a deep breath so these to lovely folks could get to the kissing part at the end of the ceremony. It was perfect.

The humor and love between theses two was obvious and as a photographer, there is nothing better to photograph than folks who have a great time at their own wedding. It was gorgeous day up at Kings Gap State Park and the weather was kind enough to hold off the mighty winds and rain until the night was almost over.

I also wanted to give props to the bride who is a talented artist and writer. Since this wedding, I have worked with her on a personal project and she is the best. Her work and professionalism is top of the line. You should hire her.

Amber and Cole's Elopement at Fallen Tree Farms, Carlisle, PA


This was a truly sweet and beautiful elopement at the (always and ever) excellent Fallen Tree Farms B&B. And before I go on, I would like to say that I LOVE elopements and YES, I do photograph those even on a Saturday. When this absolutely wonderful lady contacted me, she emailed saying she hoped I would consider booking and small wedding/elopement on a Saturday in the fall. To which I responded, absolutely!

To be able to work with excellent folks is why I love photography. Some have big weddings and some have small weddings and I love each for what they bring to the table. But, enough about that :)

Luckily, we had a beautiful fall day in November for this outside ceremony and lots of opportunities to do photos with fading flora. Both Amber and Cole were easy going and we were ale to take our time wandering around the grounds of the farm to get some sweet photos. Many thanks and a long and lively life to these two wonderful people!

“The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began…”

The Perfect Holiday Present! A Family Photo Session!


Happy Holidays Everyone! It’s been an excellent year and as things wrap up here in the village, I’ve been sending out some gift cards to some lovely folks! In the past, I’ve been asked to make up a certificate for a family or boudoir session to give as a gift but this year, I made up some nice cards that can be purchased for this holiday season. I have a few more left and can mail them out to you in time for Christmas if ordered by the 20th of December.

The Gift Cards can be made out for a Family Photo Session: $275.00, a Boudoir Session for $400.00, or you can give a gift towards someone’s upcoming wedding in any amount you choose.

Please fill out the form below and let me know which session you’d like to purchase or an amount you’d like to give as a gift towards any photography sessions/wedding and then payment can be made through the order button via PayPal to

Please include any special instructions you’d like me to know :)

Have a wonderful holiday and a most happy and peaceful New Year!


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Nicole and Garrett's Wedding Day: Fallen Tree Farms B&B, Carlisle, PA


What a truly amazing wedding this was! A beautiful day and two lovely people surrounded by their excellent family and friends. I always love to photograph at Fallen Tree Farm and couldn’t have asked for better folks to spend the day with! Much love to you Nicole and Garrett and a long and lively life together I hope you have.

Venue: Fallen Tree Farms B&B

D.J.: HD Entertainment

Natalia and Shawn's Most Excellent Day: Whitetail Golf Resort, Mercersburg, PA


Surrounded by family and friends from near and far, perfect weather, and one of the best playlists ever, these two awesome folks tied the knot! Thank you for being so much fun to photograph!

PS. know I've found some of my people when the bride rides up to the ceremony site in a golf cart as the Imperial March plays :)

AnneMarie and John: Wedding Day at The Stone Mill 1792, Glenville, PA


A beautiful, beautiful day for these two lovely people at The Stone Mill 1792! Lots of sunshine, a few clouds and lots and lots of love :)  Thanks to the new Mr. and Mrs. for being so wonderful and fun to photograph, their friends and family for being so welcoming and kind, and to Pam and Joe, the owners of the Mill, who were awesome to work with!

The Lovely Aly & Dustin & Brady: Holiday Photos, Carlisle, PA

I had the pleasure of photographing these lovely folks last January on their wedding day!  So...first...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!  (a few weeks early)  It was an awesome wedding and always lovely to have the opportunity to photograph them again! Brady stole the show a few times, when he was being cooperative, but as always, these two were funny and a blast to photograph!